Sticking to your New Year’s resolutions?

snowChristmas and New Year have come and gone but you are still left with those nagging resolutions wondering whether you can stick to them.

We at EZPZadmin can at least help you with relief of the business administration hassle so that you can concentrate on the things you love doing, including building your business.

But here are 4 more tips to help fulfill those resolutions, courtesy of Xero:

  1. Make sure you know why. Going to the gym is not what motivates people, it is wanting to fit into a new dress or suitWhen you are staring at a resolution like ‘make 5 cold calls a day’ it is easy to avoid.  Keep bringing yourself back to why you are doing it. Maybe it is not to generate more leads, add to your bottom line etc, but it maybe so that you and your family can take a wonderful holiday somewhere
  2. Plan your work and work your plan. When things are moving fast it is a good idea to take some quiet time, reflect where you are at and what still needs to be done. Once you know your next steps, you can easily make a daily plan to execute them and keep up on your resolutions.
  3. Be accountable. When internal motivation is waning, look for external motivation be it a business group, mentor or just a simple coffee with a friend. Tell these people your goals, ask them to follow up and hold you accountable. If you can’t find a business group, offer to start one in your community. Not only does this keep you motivated, it could also improve your small business community as a whole
  4. Ditch them. If your new plan isn’t working, or your resolution wasn’t the right one for your business right now, don’t be afraid to change it or ditch it altogether. Your time is a precious resource, if your activities aren’t high yield, find some that are.

You can view the whole Xero Blog article here

Sorry, couldn’t make it to Xerocon South

Yes, Xerocon South happening in Brisbane just now seems an awesome event to attend.
Following the feeds from it, huge change is about to thrust upon us, partners and businesses alike.

We hope to summarize here shortly some of these big announcements from Xerocon
But to get a sense of where Xero is just now and it’s likely future have a look at this article by Tom Pullar-Strecker in Stuff.


Free Xero training in Queenstown

Great Xero training session in Cromwell, now it’s Queenstown’s turn. If you are new to Xero or you haven’t come to grips with the package this free 1hr session will suit you. Includes tradie job management and invoicing software. Contact us if you want to register

Start (me) up

Apologies to the Rolling Stones but from our recent events and other anecdotal evidence, the number of start-up businesses coming onto the local market is blooming. No-one should think this is easy, but good advice and excellent business tools increase the chance of success.


Last month we had a stand at the Wanaka A& P show and our smallest banner attracted the most attention. This banner advertised the accounting package Xero, and most of the people who came into the tent were looking to start a new business.  Xero  has a name for itself and they thought they better check it out. Needless to say, once they saw it demonstrated they could see why 600,000 other users *love* Xero.

Following the A&P show we held a Xero introduction and training session where again, most of the attendees were starting a new  small business.

So the overwhelming impression is there are many start-ups happening in the district just now, further evidenced by the business buzz around Cromwell these days.

So You Want To be A Start-up

Being a young company ourselves, what are the do’s and conversely, the traps for these young players? Below are a few of the notable ideas we have picked up:

  • It takes guts! You have to leap off a cliff and assemble a aeroplane on the way down. As well, you have to keep leaping over & over again, keep testing, taking risks that may pay off, because one thing is for sure, disruption is part and parcel of today’s commercial world.
  • Stay self-funded as long as possible. Interest rates are low just now but it is wise to use your own money first. Only take out loans when you can make the most use of that money.
  • Focus on the things that matter by “making every detail perfect and limit the details to perfect”. And of course “change the things you can change and forget the ones that you cannot”
  • Over communicate whilst making sure your culture is prominent in those interactions. Your culture, your story, is a vital component  of any marketing effort and help can be found using the likes of Brandamp’s marketing expertise. They can also advise developing a business plan
  • Once your start-up is off the ground ensure the business administration is handled efficiently. The Xero accounting package is specifically designed for small to medium sized businesses (SME’s) so, with the guidance from bookkeepers like ourselves, it is very easy to use. The common reaction of Xero users is ‘I love it!’

SME’s are popping up  everywhere in NZ just now, none more so than here in Central Otago. Credit to all of the entrepreneurs who put their livelihoods and capital on the line, they need all the good advice and support they can get.


Xero; training, free, add-on,

Free Xero training in Cromwell

Xero; training, free, add-on,

A free 1hr training session in Xero  on March 21 starting at 5.30pm is being offered by us at EZPZadmin.

We have found although users *love*  Xero because it is so feature-rich and easy to use, they still want some  more training to get the best out of the package and help relieve more of that administration burden.

Everybody is commenting about the buzz Cromwell in Central Otago has just now  with many small businesses starting up so to help them grow stronger business administration has to be efficiently completed. Enter Xero, where it is so easy to create your invoices and keep that cash rolling in. Especially for tradies, a brief introduction to the Xero add-on Fergus that helps trades people manage jobs complete with scheduling, job pricing & variations, bills and reporting.

To come along to the free session you must register by contacting John at or phone 0275 800885.

So if you want to relieve that admin burden here is your opportunity to register and participate in a free 1hr training session in Xero.


A&P show, Xero, Figured, EZPZadmin, March

Busy March!

In March we are out there telling everybody the good news about Xero and Figured.

At the Wanaka A& P show on Friday & Saturday 11-12 this month we’ll be showing off the Xero accounting & the Figured accounting packages with plenty of good deals for new clientsWanaka-AP-Show-Fast-Facts

Don’t be shy, come and see us at least for a chat  and some giveaways at site CV2 alongside the pavilion.

Later this month we are offering a free 1 hr training session to existing and prospective Xero users in Cromwell on Monday 21 March starting at 5.30pm. We have found even though users *love* Xero there are gaps in their knowledge so we aim to offer some training so they can get the best out of it and relieving some of that administration burden.. To come along you have to register, so please contact John at or phone 0275 800885

Another giant step for Figured

Wow! The BNZ has taken a 17% stake in Figured saying “It is the only true cloud-based farm accounting package out there”. In return they will spread the package use amongst its agribusiness clients.This is a major advance for Figured as it builds a strong relationship with another major New Zealand bank. Read more here in Stuff:

Figured helps take the guesswork out of forecasting your position at the end of the financial year, and being cloud-based, all of  your farming team can see the same financial data in real time. So not only is the guesswork removed your support team is right there helping you make the right decisions.


Make or Break Report – a must read for entrepreneurs


Xero have surveyed over 2,000 business owners to find what separates a successful entrepreneur from a failed one. Three key findings were identified:

  1. 58% say family time is crucial to effectiveness as a business owner. You don’t need to work around the clock and it is important to prioritize your family in the weekends
  2. Nearly half of successful businesses invest in marketing campaigns. Simply, you have to spend money to make money
  3. 58% of surviving entrepreneurs use software to manage finances vs 14% of failures. Moreover, 65% of failed business owners blame poor financial management for their downfall

The full report can be read here

Invest or retreat

A client is about to deliver 100% reliable water to a small part of the world, dry Central Otago. As  you would expect, the need to invest capital, in the form of pipes, pumps and energy is huge, but the alternative is simply to go backwards.

In a climate where the rainfall totals 450mm per year and summertime temperatures commonly reach 30 degrees, understandably water is vital to any farming operation. Highly reliable water not only gives  any farming business a multitude of options it also adds to the value of the property manifold.

But the decision to invest isn’t always on such a grand scale. This week EZPZadmin decided to invest the time and energy to become a certified Figured Enablement Specialist who convert and train farmers to the Figured farm package which is an add-on to Xero accounting. EZPZadmin are bookkeepers who independently help farmers track their stock movements, budget, and forecast their end-of-year position

And this goes for small businesses in general when they evaluate whether to invest in packages that purportedly saves time and adds value to the business. Whatever way you look at it, Xero accounting is one of those packages. Bank statement feeds, inventory, being cloud based, smartphone access, payroll  are just some of the features that gives any small business significant efficiency gains and better cashflow. What other accounting software is *loved* by its users?


It’s tight down on the dairy farm!

Ok, the dairy payout is very low so how will farmers, and we are including non-dairy here, get through these tight times? As we all know these conditions have major flow-on effects to the rest of the agriculture industry.
Below is a link to one farmer’s response to the second year of low milk prices, including last week’s announcement of the $3.85 payout from Fonterra.
He firstly reviewed the farm operation, identified where savings could be made and set about minimizing the impact on their bottom-line as much as they could.
Fortunately he used Figured and Xero, the cloud-based and modern farm accounting system, which shows the current farm financials and, importantly, ability to instantly update and forecast the cash position for the coming season. What’s more, the latest payout numbers were inside the Figured package just 30 mins after the announcement, so the farmer was immediately able to deduce his next steps forward.
To find out more about this pertinent story please follow this link.