Invest or retreat

A client is about to deliver 100% reliable water to a small part of the world, dry Central Otago. As  you would expect, the need to invest capital, in the form of pipes, pumps and energy is huge, but the alternative is simply to go backwards.

In a climate where the rainfall totals 450mm per year and summertime temperatures commonly reach 30 degrees, understandably water is vital to any farming operation. Highly reliable water not only gives  any farming business a multitude of options it also adds to the value of the property manifold.

But the decision to invest isn’t always on such a grand scale. This week EZPZadmin decided to invest the time and energy to become a certified Figured Enablement Specialist who convert and train farmers to the Figured farm package which is an add-on to Xero accounting. EZPZadmin are bookkeepers who independently help farmers track their stock movements, budget, and forecast their end-of-year position

And this goes for small businesses in general when they evaluate whether to invest in packages that purportedly saves time and adds value to the business. Whatever way you look at it, Xero accounting is one of those packages. Bank statement feeds, inventory, being cloud based, smartphone access, payroll  are just some of the features that gives any small business significant efficiency gains and better cashflow. What other accounting software is *loved* by its users?