Keeping on Top of Accounting

The team wandered down to Dunedin earlier this week to attend the Xero roadshow titled ‘Evolve’ which was very apt. This theme was emphasized time and again throughout the half-day session, that a business has to keep adapting and evolving to remain relevant in today’s fast moving environment.

As we all know, the digital revolution is upon us threatening to disrupt staid and unyielding businesses – the largest hospitality operation in the world, AirBnB, doesn’t own a single bed; the largest taxi service, Uber, doesn’t own a single taxi; the largest retailer, Amazon, doesn’t own a single retail shop. Get the picture?

Customers want value and authenticity, so strive to tell a genuine story behind your product or service. This is an EZPZ Admin goal.


So why should a small to medium business adopt an accounting package based in the cloud? This short read might convince you…


Besides going to Xerocon Auckland and having to replace my computer along the way, redeveloping this website to include a blog, there are so many changes on many fronts occurring just now.  The idea of this blog is to convey what is happening in the Xero/Figured and business world, tell our story so possibly starting a conversation with the reader.

Xero, for instance, keeps on bringing out new features at ‘Xero Speed’, like Payroll, Inventory, and business performance indicators right there on the dashboard to assist your bookkeeping. Not only that, new services are being worked upon: the government interface where you can submit your returns with just one click, doing away with those pesky retail till receipts, and Big Data. More about these in the future.

And then there’s Figured who have just released version 2 of their farm accounting package complete with livestock, milk and cropping trackers.

In summary, we are convinced small businesses who value their time and want to work efficiently need to operate in the Xero space. Similarly, if you are a farmer Figured is the package worth considering when tracking your livestock and producing farm budgets is critical to your  management that also called your ‘Farm Team’.

These are exciting times!



New Home and Potential Changes


As we come to grips with our new home, there may be a few minor changes to help fine tune your experience.

Let us know what you think of the new home.



Welcome to our new web platform for EZPZadmin. To enable us to provide you with a more comprehensive service we have moved our web host and introduced this blog.

Stay tuned for future updates as we get more comfortable on our new web platform home.